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Mathematics is chief among disciplines in terms of its rich cultural and historical roots in the practices of ordinary people. This is because mathematics is always adapting to the needs of the society. Despite the simple origins of mathematics, it has been reduced to an abstract subject and mystified by wrong teaching approaches in our schools. A large portion of our educational system has rendered mathematics as the rigid privilege of a few gifted students, leaving behind a poor attitude towards the subject across Early childhood Education, Basic Education, Secondary Education and Tertiary Education. But things do not have to continue that ways.

Everyone interested in the growth of mathematical knowledge across all levels of education has a duty to promote the image of mathematics as a vivid discipline with links to reality. Mathematics in its present form came about as diverse cultural groups sought to resolve unique problems such as daily living, exploration, colonization, communications, construction, and commerce. The realization that every culture generates its own ways of explaining, understanding and coping with reality gave rise to Ethnomathematics as a view point in Mathematics Education.

VillageMath.net emerged out of Dr. Joshua Abah ABAH’s PhD Research project focused on drawing attention to the mathematics embedded in our cultures, traditions and daily practices. The target is to build a robust ethnomathematics instructional content repository for pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers. Basically, VillageMath.net is intended to be a reservoir of online resources that are tailored to the needs of mathematics education as a field of practice. The research work is a unique blend of Ethnomathematics and Instructional Technology.

You are welcome on board. Feel free to navigate and explore all the functionalities of this platform. Your constructive feedback is appreciated.

It’s indeed time to contemplate the mathematics all around us.

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