Feel free to download these great books on ethnomathematics. User Guide 2019

Toward a Multilingual Culture of Education. Edited by Adama Ouane

Current and Future Perspectives of Ethnomathematics as a Program. ICME-13 Topical Surveys

Social and Political Dimensions of Mathematics: Current Thinking. ICME-13

Symbols, Cultures and Identities in a Time of Global Interchange. General Editor: George F. McLean

Self-Directed Learning Research. Edited by Elsa Mentz

Optimizing Learning and Education in Africa: The Language Factor.

Awakening Geometrical Thought in Early Culture. Paul Gerdes

Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Level. Tony Gardner

Algebra in Cuneiform

Ethnomathematics and Education in Africa. Paul Gerdes

Ethnomathematics and Mathematics Education. Edited by Franco Favilli

Handbook of African Educational Theories and Practices. A. Bame Nsamenang and Therese M. S. Tchombe

Design for Play: A guide to Creating Successful Play Spaces. Aileen Shackell, Nicola Butler, Phil Doyle and David Ball

Why Numeracy Matters. National Council on Education and the Disciplines

Indigenous Traditional Games. Australian Sports Commission

The History of Mathematics: An Introduction. David M. Burton

MTE201 Course Synopsis

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