A workshop organized by the Mzoo U Zwa Tiv (Tiv Language Studies and Development Association) in collaboration with the Teaching Service Board TSB, and the Science and Technical Education Board STEB, which was supported by the Catholic Dioceses of Gboko and Makurdi ended at the National Secretariat of Mdzough U Tiv, No.8 Captain Dawns Road, Gboko on 11th July 2019 by 4:00pm.

The closing session witnessed a great turn up of enthusiastic participants from public, missionary and private schools and the general public. The occasion was lively as a Veteran Linguist, Pa Isaac Sôôn Yongo mounted pulpit to deliver his lead paper titled: HANGE HANGE U TESEN MAN HENEN ZWA TIV. It was followed by Professor Kpamor Joseph Targema Orkar, the first Professor of Zwa Tiv worldwide, who delivers on the topic: ORTOGERAFI U TIV. Fr. Tagesa Akpagher in a paper titled: THE EFFECTIVE TEACHING OF TIV LANGUAGE, which was projected on the screen, lucidly presented the teaching step by step to the admiration of all participants.

Participants at the workshop had opportunity to asked pertinent questions bothering on the Tiv language, nation and their way of life. Rightful answers were satisfactorily given.

In a closing remark, Fr. Timothy Msugh Anom, the President, Mzoo U Zwa Tiv, exhorted the participants to take the teaching of Tiv Language seriously and place it as a priority. He said, “if our language goes into extinction, there would be no Tiv any longer”.

In appreciation, Mrs. Comfort Dooga-Umande an Information Officer, on behalf of the TSB, appreciated the organisers of the workshop saying it is an effort channeled in the right direction. She urged them to maintain the tempo towards reviving our endangered Tiv Language.

Delivering vote of thanks, Very Revd Fr Nicholas N. Tarbo thanked members of the Organising Committee, the Mzoo U Zwa Tiv, TSB and the STEB for seeing to it that the teaching of Zwa Tiv has come to stay; stressing that it is long overdue for Tiv Language to be written at WAEC, NECO and NABTEB. He called on the relevant bodies to make way to including it on their curriculum and syllabuses. Fr. Tarbo beseeched the Government of Benue State and all spirited individuals in higher positions to see to the actualization of this project. He added, by so doing, our position would be made more prominent in the country, Nigeria.

Earlier at the opening ceremony, at Government Model School Makurdi, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, threw its weight behind this project with a significant promise to guide, direct and supervise the teaching of Zwa Tiv in all schools across Benue State. The Permanent Secretary, Chief Mrs. Elizabeth Ede, represented by the Director, Education Support Services, Mr. Jonathan I. Bumkeng, reiterated the importance of Teaching Tiv Language in our schools, saying Government has approved and directed the teaching of the Language and would enforce it to the fullest.

Commenting, the Executive Secretary, Teaching Service Board TSB, Prof. Wilfred Terlumun Uji, stated that “IF THERE IS NO LANGUAGE, EVERYTHING WOULD BE IN SHAMBLES” (A lu er zwa u a lu ga yô, hanma kwagh cii un a saa ishe). Prof. Uji later promised to employ teachers of Tiv Language as soon as government granted permission. The Executive Secretary, encouraged people to study Tiv Language in higher levels of study that employment awaits such people upon graduation.

It is my fervent prayer that, these unquantified sacrifices should not go in vain, but participants across the State would use the teaching to drastically propagate and revive our dear language.

To the youth, I dare to make a clarion call on you to throw behind the notion that “If I do not understand English Language, then I do no know anything” and to promote Zwa Tiv wherever you may be found.

Behold the Organising Committee for more information. Workshop materials and other relevant books on Tiv Language are available on request, please.
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3. Mr. Bem Tiv – Member
4. Mrs. Grace Anande – Member
5. Mr. Aondolumun Atuur – Member

Organising Committee
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