School-Home Partnership for Mathematics Education

The School-Home Partnership for Mathematics Education (SHPME) is an intervention programme of the Network for Grassroot Science and Mathematics Education (NGSME) which seek to strengthen the communication between families and Basic Schools in local communities on the mathematics education of children. Generally, emphasis on the role of the home in mathematics education of children dwells on the need for parents and guardians to give more time to children, providing them a supportive environment at home, encouraging their mathematics learning and discussing with them about their problems in the subject. Parents are to keep watch on the children’s activities, help improve their study habits and maintain a positive disposition while advising them. Even for parents who themselves found mathematics difficult, there should be a decisive effort to set aside such distaste, avoid talking negatively about the subject, and seek collaboration to instil the love of mathematics in their children.

On this basis, a first phase of the local intervention targeted at encouraging homes in the North Bank suburb of Makurdi Township to actively support the mathematics education of children at the Basic Education level has been completed with research reports published in Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education and Science, 11(2), 29-37, a publication of Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic [ doi: 10.7160/eriesj.2018.110202. Available from ]. This SHPME project seek to first identify the existing structure of home involvement in mathematics education in the community before providing intervention training and support materials to families identified as critically in need of help. The second phase of this project will commence any moment.


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