Here are some great source of knowledge on Ethnomathematics.


Joshua Abah Abah’s Ethnomathematics Research Articles are freely available on Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Hal Archives, Zenodo, Humanity Commons, Zotero, Academia.Edu, Open Science Framework, ORCID, SSRN, and UAM OER

Impact of Using Tiv Language for Teaching and Learning Mathematics on Students’ Achievement in Benue State. I. P. Anyagh, E. I. O’kwu, and B. I. Imoko

Effect of Ethnomathematics Teaching Approach on Senior Secondary Student’s Achievement and Retention in Locus. E. E. Achor, B. I. Imoko, and E. S. Uloko

Improving Students’ Retention in Junior Secondary School Statistics Using the Ethno-Mathematics Teaching Approach in Obi and Oju Local Government Areas of Benue State, Nigeria. Kurumeh, M. S., Onah, F. O. and Mohammed, A. S.

The Imperatives of Tiv Oral Poetry and its Influence on Oral Language Development among Tiv Children. J. T. Dankaro and P. H. Agoom

What is Ethnomathematics, and How can it help Children in Schools? Ubiratan D’Ambrosio

Ethnomathematics: Link between Traditions and Modernity. Ubiratan D’Ambrosio

Society, Culture, Mathematics and its Teaching. Ubiratan D’Ambrosio

From Ethnomathematics to Ethnocomputing: Indigenous Algorithms in Traditional Context and Contemporary Simulation. B. Babbit, D. Lyles, and R. Englash

Multimathemacy. Karen Francois and Rik Pinxten

Local Mathematics Education. Karen Francois and Others

Ethnomathematics and its Integration within Mathematics Curriculum. W. Zhang and Q. Zhang

Ethnomathematics and Mathematical Literacy: People Knowing Mathematics in Society. Tine Wedege

A Philosophical Justification for Ethnomathematics and some Implications for Education. Bill Barton

Moving into Third Space: High School Students’ Funds of Knowledge in the Mathematics Classroom. Steve Thornton

Third Space: Blended Teaching and Learning. Debra Mayes Pane

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